In the twelve years since this "Overview" was written, there have been many changes, improvements and additions. As time permits, we hope with this web site to bring this Overview report up to date, and will try thereafter to keep readers abreast of new developments. While our policy in presenting this web site reproduction of the 1989 booklet is to leave error and change largely alone, in a few cases, because of exceptional importance, we will insert a bracketed note that will at least introduce the reader to the fact. To facilitate current use of this "Overview" material, we have uncoupled the order of presentation from the geographical realities that dictated the sequence of projects for tour participants. This means that elements of the Locust Hill project, for instance, that geographically have been spread from one end of Raven Rocks to the other (such as the present garden, and the construction site, which are almost a mile apart) will be presented together, in a single Locust Hill section.


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