Here is a table of contents for a group of more than 100 pictures that present the barest introduction to a most important thread in the Raven Rocks story: our adventure with architect Malcolm Wells into the world of underground architecture.
This specific collection of pictures was prepared on August 19, 2003, at the request of a crew looking at the possibility of producing a video about the underground houses at Raven Rocks. Due to lack of time, we have so far been unable to present many of our pictures, particularly those taken during our first 30 years, on our web site.

Raven Rocks—to begin with, a little history (17 images)

  • nineteen of us decide to take the leap to buy the property
  • we seize upon growing Christmas trees as a way to pay the debt
  • we meet Malcolm ("Mac") Wells
  • a Concrete business becomes a necessity

The Sidwell house (7 images)

Locust Hill - demonstration underground building (10 images)

  • Mac's sketches portray the design evolution over the 30-year history of the project
  • the LH crew
  • a few work pictures
Locust Hill—10 more images of work in progress

1991: Gulf War I hastens our move into alternatives to dependence upon oil (10 images)

  • solar hot water
  • ground loop heat pump
  • we fly a box kite to test wind sites
  • raising the Bergey 10 kW wind turbine
More recent energy innovations, prototypes in their respective fields (5 images)
  • Chad Lampkin and Jerry Lilyerd, our expert alternate energy integrators
  • Jerry's hefty tracker for the big PV array—its 26 panels create a 13 x 16 foot panel, and will produce 180 volts DC
  • Pat Kelble, designer/builder of wind blades and systems
  • Eric Lang, at work on a turbine design prototype

Photovoltaics (9 images)

  • William Mook and his concentrator
  • Friends from Czech Republic

A series of 20 pictures depict construction of the big tower base for the PV installation

Energy—Hydrogen: our work with Proton Energy Systems on a means to store excess solar electricity using an electrolyzer (4 images)

Raven Rocks scenes (12 images)