Bob Murray, owner of the new Century mine, has offered to avoid any damage which might be caused by subsidence due to longwall mining under the ravines and the concrete underground houses at Raven Rocks. In recognition of this decision, Raven Rocks, Inc., presented Murray with four photographs by John Morgan along with an inscription expressing our appreciation. These photographs record the presentation of the photos and the reading of the inscription at the mine office, near the north border of Raven Rocks.

John Morgan's photo of the First Ravine. Composite of three ravine shots. Don Hartley, president, presents photo to Murray. Some of Raven Rocks group with three mining men.
Waren and Bob Murray. Warren reads inscription from photo. Bob Murray's hands. Bob Murray thanks Warren.
New works at Century mine. Murray explains the new mining plan. John Goroncy, Mark Bartkoski, and Bob Murray. Murray admires photo.

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We are indebted to Kathryn Clayton for photographs of this important event and for her kind permission to let us use them.