Below is the inscription mounted below the large picture of the First Ravine which Raven Rocks. Inc., presented to Bob Murray.



Thank you, Robert E. Murray —

for the exercise of will and heart that has let you choose to avoid the risk of damage, and thus to play your crucial role in assuring the long-term stability and beauty of "The Raven Rock" and its five sister ravines at Raven Rocks. It is not as owner-possessors of these gems of Creation that we speak, but rather as persons responsible for their care, a responsibility that we wear as a gift, and a blessing.

And so, the message of this occasion has broad, deep and lasting roots. For it flows not alone from ourselves or others who are present with us in these times, but also from countless generations past, and countless generations yet to come.

— Raven Rocks. Inc. March 8, 2001

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