Simply Living Conference, October 25, 2003
Warren Stetzel's workshop

This page is to give assistance to those who may wish to familiarize themselves before the workshop with some of Warren's ideas.

  • Link to some of Warren's essays.
  • Fuller description of the workshop :

Difficult as it will be, given the marked limitations of Parkinson's disease upon speech capabilities, I do feel that one must not give up the effort to be open and forthcoming on such an occasion as this.

I just do not feel that for all their insight and even wisdom our old formulations of truth are adequate to the task before us now. For that task seems so clearly to be no less than to turn the course of our species, now aimed so unmistakably and proceeding so deliberately and with such force and speed toward its own extinction and the forfeiting of this Earth's potential as one of Life's laboratories. One cannot hope in the given time and circumstances to even begin to give convincing grounds for the ideas to be presented at the workshop, nor to really explain their meanings and implications. Much of that work has been done, and very ably so, but is only available where and when there can be devoted attention, effort and an opened mind. What one can hope—and I do hope—is that something here may spark the interest, quicken the desire, of some one—or some others.

Either by pre-recording or by having prepared text read by others, I really do want to say a few things. They will be—for I am persuaded beyond doubt that nothing less can ever do—sometimes new, sometimes challenging, but I hope not too disconcerting. We simply cannot any longer with realistic grounds for hope continue with business as usual. "Business" here is referring not just to the dealings of our lives but to the very premises on which we shape and live them: Who am I? What am I? Where am I? Why Am I?